Cat Grooming Services in Vadodara

Transform Your Cat’s Appearance with POmpets – Cat Grooming Services in Vadodara

Cat Grooming services in Vadodara
Dog Haircut

Cat Haircut

Transform Your Cat’s Look with POmpets – Expert Cat Haircutting Services as a part of Cat Grooming services in Vadodara, Tailored to Your Feline’s Needs.

Dog Bathing in Vadodara

Cat Bathing

Experience the Ultimate Cat Bathing with POmpets – Gentle, Thorough, and Stress-Free for Your Feline Friend.

Dog Deep Drying

Deep Drying

Get Your Cat Ready to Shine with POmpets – Our Deep Drying Services Ensure Fluffy, Dry, and Healthy Coats for Your Feline Friends in Vadodara.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming, Teeth Cleaning

Ear Cleaning: “Keep Your Cat’s Ears Healthy and Clean with POmpets – Expert Ear Cleaning Services in Vadodara for Your Feline Friend.

Nail Trimming: “Pamper Your Cat’s Paws with POmpets – Professional Nail Trimming Services in Vadodara, Ensuring Your Feline’s Comfort and Health.”

Cat Grooming Services in Vadodara – POMPETS Packages

Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Grooming Services in Vadodara

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How often should I groom my cat?

The Ffrequency of grooming a cat is Dependent on season and the coat style of your cat (short coat/long coat). 

So, to answer this question in a better and simplistic way. We would divide Grooming different parts. 

1. Short Coat:- Bathing every 15 days in Summer and 30 Days to 45 Days in winter. 

2. Medium Coat:- Bathing every 10 Days in Summer and 15 to 25 days in winter

3. Long-Coat:-  Bathing every 7 Days in Summer and 10 to 15 days in cold season. But, with worm water. 

4. Important Point:- Full Grooming (Bath+ Haircut) every 60 Days on average or Depending on the Gorwth of your Cat’s Coat.

How long does a typical grooming session take?

The Cat Grooming at Pompets usually takes 45 Minutes to 1 Hour and 30 Minutes. 

The time spent grooming increases if the cat has a coat problem or skin problem, up to 1 hour, 45 minutes, or 2 hours. 

Also, the time of cat grooming depends on the cat’s behaviour. 

In conclusion, If your cat’s coat and skin are good, your behaviour is friendly, cooperative, etc. Your cat will be groomed at a given time, which may affect the grooming time. 

Can you groom cats with special needs or medical conditions?

We are not just the pet groomers, but also the pet lovers. 

It’s not the case of case of cat or dog, whichever pet we treat with special medical problems, we treat him/her as our pet only. 

So, don’t worry like you we also have special space in our hearts while grooming for such issue facing pets. 

Can I stay with my dog during the grooming session?

Yes, Absolutely you can stay with your pet. You can even experience the entire pet session with your eyes.

once you have seen our Pet Grooming services, You will have more confidence in us. 

Hence, We are Crystal clear with our Pet Grooming services at all times. 

Do you offer a free consultation for new customers?

Yes, we provide free consultation for the pet but, regarding grooming only. 

You must be saying like obviously, About grooming only. 

But, why we are clearing because, people ask us out of the box question. 

Sharing right knowledge with clients builds good and long term relationships. 

We want to be clear either than sugar spreaded 

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