Dog Behaviour – Few things you need to know aobut Biting

March 25, 2021

Dog Behaviour - Few things you need to know 2021

Dog Behaviour sometimes seems funny and sometimes annoys. But, normally his mood like ours.

We also have the problems of mood switching according to the time and conditions.

This blog is going to be interesting as it is going to cover a few things you need to know about a dog’s Behaviour.

Must need from starting till the end.

Let’s start

Dog Behaviour – Few things you need to know 2021

As the adage goes, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” However, there are times when people just can’t understand why their beloved dogs behave in a different manner

It is really important to know the reason behind the Dog’s behaviour difference before taking any action.

You teach your dog how to behave. As people say that you can control it by giving them training.

There are various social and environmental reasons for the dog’s behaviour changes.

They are like kids and don’t know how to respond to various commands.

It is a prime duty of an owner to teach the dog how to respond in different situations.

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This is one of the common and most people get affected by it. If we talk about the statistics over 7 Million people faced this kind of issue.

These statistics mean that over 4 to 5% of the Indian Community faces this as a common problem

Especially the one has dogs in their houses.

Some of the reasons behind dog bite are as follows:

1. Excitement

Dog doesn’t want to bite you or you can say he/she don’t have such intentions on the other end we have our hand’s to play with them. They have their mouth.

They try to grab the things with the help of the mouth and accidentally biting happens

The condition only arises in case your dog is excited and you may get bitten accidentally.

2. Protection

We love many things and we don’t like that anyone uses or touches our favourite things.

Same way dog’s do have their favourite things and to protect the same they only have one way is biting.

This is not limited to the thing but, even includes a single person or the family to whom he loves.

Behaviour takes place from condition to condition.

The only way to handle this situation is don’t get angry stay cool on your side and handle him nicely.

Secondly, make him comfortable while acting as you are safe  or you are not trying to grab his thing

Manipulate him with some other favourite thing and grab the one you want to take from him.

3. Pain

This is really simple but according to the dog a complicated problem.

The dog is not well or he is in pain, he doesn’t understand the reason behind it and thinks about it consistently.

On the other end, he might not like that you are touching him. In this case, he may bite.

This might be the reason but, many times if he understands you and knows you will not harm him will not bite you.

The thing depends on the condition to condition.

4. fear

This is the problem that a human also faces. The same happens with the dogs

They try to run behind from the fear and don’t understand how to act in exchange

There are various reasons like you may not have given him the way to move here or there when he is in fear.

So, what he understands as a command to act is biting and this might be the other reason behind dog biting.

The most uncovered issue

5. Locked with chan and belts

The dogs are good friends us and you will definitely feel it once you have him/her as a friend.

This creates are there to love not only to use for security.

This makes them aggressive and feels punished for no reason.

Think of yourself as locked with some thing for months and years and what will be your reaction.

The same way they also feel. Keep in mind until they are with you.

You will never face any issues for sure.



In simple words, there is always a reason behind any animal or creates misbehaviour. We need to track and understand the problem. We as humans are so smart.

If we find the issues we can find the solution of the same. Also, love your cutie friend. He/she is always there to take care of yours and will do whatever he/she can.

Take care of him/her and all will go well. We will be coming with some other blogs and updates In the coming time so don’t forget to drop your What’s the info below. We will send you the latest Blogs and updates helpful to you.

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