Labrador dog price in India in 2022


Labrador dog price in India – in today’s topic we going to talk about the cutest breed labrador.

This breed is considered as one of the low maintenance dog breeds.

The dog breed is considered as the family dog.

Labradors are the great friends need of humans.

It was a time when the Labrador dogs for coming under 10000

In today’s date the scenario is totally changed. We going to talk about the various type Labrador within the Blog and I will also update you with the rates in the block so please read carefully from starting till the end.

Also you would come to know various great things about this dog breed.

Let’s talk about the funniest the cutest and the greatest friend of the man – a labrador

What affects the labrador dog price in India?

labrador dog price in india

Labrador dog price in India – in case of Labrador dog price in india depends on various things. Since labrador dog is found to be an international dog breed, this kind of dog breeds are found with certain breeders in India only.

There is a catch, certain leaders select in the mix breed whereas it is mixed with golden retriever, great Den, and in today’s trend it is comedy but it is mixed with Chameleon as well, etc.

Sometimes you come to know how Pomeranian could be a this large size dog we have literally seen it.

So while taking this kind of dog breeds you need to be super cautious so that you are not covered with the mixed breed even after paying a good amount.

The labrador dog breed prices differ with the different qualities, colours and the Bloodline.

So if you go for the best quality which is the combination of Bloodline colour and bone you need to pay a little higher and have this kind of breed doesn’t come at cheap.

Labrador and Labrador Retriever, Which one is convinient?

labrador retriever

Labrador come with two different kind of of variations in his hairs.

The number one is obviously the normal hair growth.

Secondly, the Retriever

The retriever Labrador having large number of hairs in its body d and needs lot of maintenance.

If you feel to maintain you may find a problem of hair loss in the dog breed.

To maintain such things to keep on giving him that good dog food which is basically their own dog food.

Make him far from the actual home food.

Give him boil chicken once in a week if it is a cold season and once in fifteen days in a summer season.

Basically I am doing when the weather is hot you need to give him less amount of chicken.

If the weather is friendly you can provide the best Sushi IS body.

On the other hand you need to to keep your Labrador Retriever groomed very frequently as compared to the normal one to keep him far from the skin diseases hair fall problems and some other health problems. This Dog Breed Comes in Single Color Only which is golden white.

Labrador Dog Price in India depending on Color?

labrador dog price depending on colour

Coming to the point the labrador dog price in India.

As I mentioned on the top of the dog price of Labrador in India depends on things like the bone quality, colour and hair Quality.

Starting from the top if you go with the white colour Labrador it will cost you from 15000 to 18000 depending on the bone quality this may go little bit up or down on the basis of its transportation cost.

The black version of Labrador would come under 12000 to 15000 depending on its quality if the bone quality is really great this may go up to 20000.

The Other version of the labrador which comes is the chocolate Labrador this comes at a price of 20000 to 24000.

The prices of Labrador is decided by The breader and it all depends on the quality

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When you are planning to have a Labrador dog kindly contact a shop owner rather than the bidder because freedom a cheat.

For the safety of yourself and for having a puppy which need to be with for the 12 years minimum. We should not compromise with the quality.

Hope the information of labrador dog price in india is useful to you if so. Please share this blog this blog to your loved ones, friends, etc.

What to feed to Labrador to keep him healthy?

In India, special in Gujarat I have noticed the most weirdest thing happening.

People in India feel the dogs the home food which is powered by the ghee and oil.

This makes them really and healthy.

Important part over here is you need to feed him healthy even if you are not having the healthy food.

These breeds are are having more words to say so if they are in problem they will not be able to convey you.

It is your duty if you are having a labrador you need to take his care properly.

If we talk about the different foods there are various foods like per degree,royal Canin, Drools, etc.

Let’s talk about my recommendation to my clients.

I prefer live feed my dog breed three kinds of foods

1. Drools Focus
2. Drools Sanjerev Kapoor
3. Drools vikas khanna
4. purima SuperCoat

Drools Focus

Drools focus is a premium dog food which comes in accordance what with royal Canin.

Royal Canin is imported from external country and that is the reason it is charged really high.

So the same thing if you want for your dog under the amount of 3000 you can go for focus range by drools.

Comes for each kind of breed it has to be relations of an adult puppy food for the dogs until 6 months and after 6 months you can feed adult

Drools Sanjerev Kapoor

Drools have introduced the Chef range for our dogs as well.

The Sanjeev Kapoor one of the famous Chefs of India as added the nutritional value for your cute partner and created this dog food.

which is called Drools Sanjeev Kapoor

Remember this dog food is only for the adults.

Drools vikas khanna

This is another addition range of drools.

This edition is for the puppy only.

So if you want to feed your puppy you can have drools Vikas Khanna which is one of the best foods.

Also this comes with the the taste of gravy as well within the food

purima SuperCoat

Purima supercoat is one of the best of providers in India.

Jagdishpur comes with two different variations puppy and adult.

It also has a healthy range a special premium food range which comes later costlier as compared to the normal one.

Is it a premium dog food brand.

Expecting the premium dog pool at a cheaper rate you can prefer purima SuperCoat


Search you have read the entire blog you had come to know that what is a Labrador dog on the other hand we had covered the different types of operators depending on the bone quality.

Secondly we have but ok regards the different colours of the labrador

In this blog we have also covered the maintenance which you need to do when you have a labrador dog with you.

Also we have covered the prices of different variations of the labrador.

We had covered what kind of food to be feeded to the labrador dog so he can stay maintained

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Labrador dog price in India in 2022

Labrador dog price in India – in today’s topic we going to talk about the cutest breed labrador. This breed is considered as one of the low maintenance dog breeds. The dog breed is considered as the family dog. Labradors are the great friends need of humans. It was a time when the Labrador dogs […]


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