Labrador Dog Price in India in 2024

April 1, 2024

labrador Dog Price in india

Labrador Dog Price in India in 2024:- this will be an informational blog for those who want a Pet in their home.

Labrador dog price is dependent on various factors. It includes bone quality, color, and, Last but not least, age factors.

Another factor that differed from the Labrador price was city, state, and transportation costs.

So, not only this, but in our Blog, we will also talk About how much it will cost to maintain a Labrador Dog Breed at home.

Read this Blog until the end. Because if you miss any single line, you will be misguided.

Before Knowing Labrador Dog Price in India, You Must Know the Basics About Labrador Dog Breed

Labrador Dog Breed - Know the Basics

The Labrador dog breed is the Best choice for those just starting their pet parenting experience.

It is a medium-sized dog breed with an average height of 55-62 cm and an approximate weight of 30 to 36 kg.

Labrador was a breeder to create a Friend dog for the family. They are good with small children, young Members, and Senior citizens.

These dogs are Bred for efficiency, such as no bite force, no fights, no guarding, etc.

It is just Bred with the nature of being friends. If trained well, they can bring newspapers for you from the door.

Bring certain things from other rooms under their reach to you., etc.

That’s been the biggest reason to have a Labrador Dog Breed for your first pet parenting experience.

Labradors are sports Lovers. They are so energetic and playful with an extra level of energy.

If you are tired of playing Labrador, they will play four times more than your capacity and get exhausted.

Within this information is an important note: If you have this dog breed, you must have an open space nearby to let them go there. 

Also, this dog breed requires regular exercise, like two times walking and physical games, to stay fit. 

If you fail to keep fit, there will be a dangerous situation for you to handle in your old age. 

The best part of the Labrador Dog breed is that you can train them easily if they are small kids or even crossed the age or younger.

They can be a good learner in any age group.

To increase the happiness of Labrador Dog. You must give them access to the water Games.

Playing in the swimming pool, beach, etc., is one of their favorite activities.

Labrador Dog Bred, the Award-winning Character of the family

Labrador Dog Bred, the Award-winning Character of the family

Labradors are so friendly that they have earned many family-related awards at various dog shows.

If you think you have a small child and they are safe with dogs, don’t worry. Labradors can keep your child/daughter busy.

Small children and Labrador dogs have similar capacities to play and pass the time.

On the other end, if any of your family members is a combination of stressful mind and pet lover. Labrador is the best choice for you.

If you frequent visitors and if you think. Labradors might be dangerous, so relax; they are perfect members who feel like guests and people to play with.

So, I hope you liked the information I gave you regarding the Labrador Dog Breed. I have much more details About Dog breeds.

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So, the final thing we will discuss is the Various colors and other factors that differentiate the Labrador Dog price and approximate respective prices.

Let’s Start.

Let’s talk About the Labrador Dog Price in India in 2024

Labrador dog price in india

so Buying a Labrador Dog Breed from a Local Vendor or Local Pet shop starts anywhere from Rs 8000-/- to Rs 20,000.

Conversely, if you buy from somewhere out of your city, the Price may increase with the transportation and handling Costs.

3rd thing that affects the Price is the breeder. It is the breeder’s choice at what rates they want to sell the pet.

Another color rarely found in Labradors is Chocolate Colour Labrador, which costs around 16000-/- Rs to 25000-/- Rs as its Price. 

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This Price is not limited to the purchase of a pet; you have to pay extra if you want to be a certified dog breeder, which costs you around 15,000 Rs extra.

Remember, that is not a compulsory cost. If you are looking for a KCI Registered dog, only you have to bear this. 

If you are looking for a family, you don’t need this. 

Along with Labrador Dog Price in India, Don’t Miss this info

labrador Dog Price in india

if you are holding any dog breed or pet; you must know the dark realities of holding pets.

Pets are like the normal, natural creatures of the world.

Hence, the life guarantee of any pet is not predictable.

In Normal Cases, the Life of a Labrador dog breed is anywhere from 30 Days to 12 years.

But they may live more if they are well-maintained and loved.

So, if you have bought a pet today. The breeder makes no guarantee or warranty. 

Nobody’s life is guaranteed, even ours.


In conclusion, we have spoken about the basics of the Labrador.

The blog has covered their behavior, compatibility, health, and more.

I also revealed the Price of the Labrador dog within the blog, which may differ from Breeder to breeder and Location.

Lastly, we spoke about the life of a labrador. That part you must not miss. You should know the Bad truth Before owning a pet.

You must have power in your body to accept the truth. I hope our Blog was helpful. Thanks for reading.




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